Welcome to the Central Carolina Highland Games

April 27, 2024
211 West Antioch Drive
Oxford, NC

No tickets required! Just a $20 donation to park!!

The Premier Highland Games in Central Carolina

The ancient Celtic spirit beckons throughout North Carolina’s wide central regions. Thousands of kilted Scots once again make their way to Oxford for their yearly gathering and games, answering the call as hundreds of tartan banners unfurl and piper sounds resound through the acres. Oxford, North Carolina, the site of America’s most inclusive Highland Games, is the only location in North Carolina that most closely resembles the Scottish Highlands.

Thank you for joining us in honoring the history of our Scottish lineage and for supporting the clan competitions in Oxford. You and your family can enjoy Scottish music, dancing, delicacies, costumes, field activities, and much more during the course of the event; all within the comfort of the Carolinas. You can also browse the tents of sellers selling tartans and kilts. Even if you aren’t Scottish, you will crave for the motherland after this weekend of family fun and excitement. If you and your family or friends decide to particpate or watch, you will be met with Ceud mile failte (100,00 welcomes).

The Goal

Our first year hosting the Highland Games, the Central Carolina Highland Games raised OVER $10,000 for the Central Children’s Home of North Carolina. This year, we are looking to dominate that number with a new donation goal of $25,000.

No advanced ticket required!! Just a $20 per car donation!!

Never tried traditional Scottish cuisine?

We have plenty of food vendors who will be offering authentic Scottish meals to the Highland Games spectators and athletes.

Never thought tenor drums and bagpipes could sound appealing?

Wait until you hear the professional Scottish bands we have commissioned to play at the games.

Never heard of the Highland Games before?

Come spectate and support the foundation of many modern sports by immersing yourself in the Highland Games!